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Dr. Samantha Nutt

Global Humanitarian, Founder of War Child and #1 Bestselling Author

Dr. Samantha Nutt brings audiences her experiences, insights and solutions from war zones around the world. A recipient of the Order of Canada, she is also acclaimed by Time Magazine and the World Economic Forum.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


When Women Lead: Prescription for Change in the 21st Century
There is universality to the feminine experience – of childhood, motherhood, marriage, and sex – that transcends culture and language, and that brings women together in a way that isn’t fully appreciated.

Social Responsibility: Acting Upon our Responsibilities as Citizens
We need to start controlling the things that we have control over

Taking Your Vision To Action: How to Make It Happen!
Creating a Ground Swell: How to Foster Transformative Change


Calgary Peace Prize

  • Great, great, great presentation!!! I am so proud to be Canadian right now!!! You are an inspiration to us all!

    - Trinity College School
  • Samantha Nutt was absolutely incredible. Hands down the best inspirational guest speaker we've had. She is my new role model.

    - Grant MacEwan College
  • Samantha Nutt's presentation was fabulous. It was the highlight event of our conference! Her speech was very inspiring and touching, and it resonated tremendously with our conference participants.

    - Canadian Bureau for International Education

Summary Profile

“Social change begins with education.  Our collective ability to reject misinformation, challenge assumptions, and explore alternatives is enhanced by reading and engaging in civic action…”Dr. Samantha Nutt

Samantha Nutt is a Toronto doctor with a global conscience.

With uncompromising and powerful advocacy for justice and peace, she is one of the most sought-after speakers, inspiring thousands of people across the continent to see global conflict as a problem that can and must be solved.

For 16 years, she has attended the front lines of many of the world’s major crises points – Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, the Congo, Sierra Leone and Darfur. Her witness of the brutality of modern conflict inspired her to become founder and executive director of War Child Canada.

She can be seen regularly on the Turning Point Panel on the acclaimed news program, CBC TV NEWS “The National” with Peter Mansbridge.  In 2013, Nutt was selected as one of five jurors for the Hilary Weston Writers Trust Prize won by Graeme Smith for his acclaimed book on the war in Afghanistan:  The Dogs Are Eating Them Now.

Dr. Nutt was recently named one of Canada’s 25 most influential figures by The Globe and Mail and one of Canada’s five leading activists by Time Magazine, while the World Economic Forum recognized her as one of 200 young global leaders. She is also a recipient of the Order of Canada.

She has worked with the United Nations and non-governmental organizations around the world.

Samantha’s bestselling book: Damned Nations: Greed, Guns, Armies and Aid combines original research with her personal stories, offering thoughtful meditation on war against millions of civilians – primarily women and children. She is a leading commentator on war zones for leading television and radio networks.

Dr. Nutt’s boundless energy, dedication, and compassion are evident in her writing and presentations. She lays out realistic, lasting solutions and shows how to move beyond outdated notions of charity towards a more progressive, inclusive, and respectful world view.

Dr. Nutt is a staff physician at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto and an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Nutt is currently writing a new book on women and their challenges.