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Peter Zeihan

Geopolitical Strategist & Forecaster

A geopolitical strategist and forecaster, Peter Zeihan combines topography, economics, demographics, history and culture to craft the future. He approaches the world from his clients’ points of view, distilling global complexities into actionable items, leaving audiences with clear concepts of what cannot happen, what must happen eventually, and what will happen very soon. Mr. Zeihan is a frequent guest on national and international television news shows on CNN, ABC, Fox News, and also is frequently interviewed for radio programs.

Austin, Texas, USA


The Accidental Superpower: The Coming Hurdles & Opportunities
The world is changing fast. Demographic shifts are turning everything we know about global and national economies on its ear. Shale energy is undoing decades of dependencies. The immutable rules of geography are breaking down our longstanding global free trade system. And it is all happening at the same time. What will this new world look like, exactly? With a mix of analysis and wit, Zeihan shows what this new world looks like from any number of angles–government, corporate, financial, domestic and foreign—so audiences can understand what’s coming, and plan ahead.

The Obama Doctrine
No president since Harry Truman has ruled at a time of greater change in the international system. The very foundation of Europe is cracking apart, the Iranian gambit for regional domination is faltering, the Global War on Terror is winding down, and shale energy is opening up new economic and strategic opportunities. Taken together the post-Cold War era is in its final months. Zeihan plays events forward and sketches out how the Obama administration will choose to — and be forced to — apply American power in the months and years to come

The Syrian Endgame
The Syrian civil war has entered its endgame, and the end of Alawite dominance heralds a geopolitical restructuring of the broader region. Iran’s gambit to dominate the Persian Gulf has faltered, and will likely fail, ushering in changes that will undermine America’s enemies and allies alike.

Canada: Opportunities First, then Challenges
There are few countries who have been shaped more deeply by their sense of “place” than the Canadians. For the past two centuries the Canadians have been forced to play the role the Americans have allowed for them, and at the end of an era the Canadians stand with a quiet confidence –  having made the very best of a very poor hand. Now a new era is emerging. One in which American power is stronger, but less predictable. Unless, like the Canadians, you happen to understand how the Americans think. Very soon Canada’s choices will be about how to take advantage of opportunities, rather than how to avoid complications. But in this very silver lining is a very dark cloud. The same evolutions that will allow Canada unprecedented opportunities for wealth and respect also hold the possibility of destroying the Canadian state. And this time the dangers do not originate from the United States, but from within Canada itself.

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Summary Profile

Peter Zeihan is a geopolitical strategist who has lived in the world of international affairs throughout his career. He launched his own firm, Zeihan on Geopolitics, in 2012 in order to specialize in customized executive briefings for his clients. In his new life Zeihan applies his 12 years of intelligence experience and a geopolitical perspective to specific the needs of his clients. With a mix of insight and irreverence he helps them see their businesses and industries from a new point of view, so that they can prepare for a now-more-understandable future.

Mr. Zeihan is a frequent guest on national and international television news shows on CNN, ABC, Fox News, and also is frequently interviewed for radio programs. He has been quoted in major print and online publications including New York Times, Forbes, AP, Bloomberg, MarketWatch and many others. Zeihan’s first independent book — The Accidental Superpower — will publish in fall 2014.

Before becoming a full-time speaker, Zeihan was part of the core team that built Stratfor into a geopolitical consultancy and publishing house. In his variety of roles — for four years serving as the firm’s Vice President of Analysis — he designed products, serviced client needs and managed the firm’s analytical teams across all geographic and topical areas of responsibility.

Zeihan began his career working for the State Department in Australia, later moving to Washington DC to join the Center for Political and Strategic Studies under Susan Eisenhower. In both capacities, he regularly analyzed developments in Asia, Europe and the former Soviet Union while producing briefs and publications.

When Zeihan isn’t speaking to the future of shale energy or Brazilian finance or Russian military strategy or German industry or Indonesian mining or China’s political transition, he is typically working on the draft of his next book, The Intentional Superpower.