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Peter Raymont

Activist and Documentary Filmmaker

Documentary filmmaker Peter Raymont has focused his lens on some of the most compelling stories of our time.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Making a Difference: The Role of the Individual in Social Change
Using examples of charismatic “change-makers”, Raymont debunks the common belief among many people that individuals today are powerless amid the enormous international power of corporations and governments. Raymont has worked with social change activists, such as General Roméo Dallaire, James Orbinski, et al.

Documenting Evil, Finding Hope: The Making of Shake Hands With the Devil: The Journey of Roméo Dallaire
Drawing on his experiences of producing and directing this award-winning feature-length documentary, Raymont discusses the fascinating stories of how this film came to be.

A Passport to the World: from the High Arctic to Ethiopia to Nagano
Raymont discusses his 34 years of independent documentary film-making, including secrets to the art and craft of documentary film-making.

Borders: International Affairs as they Relate to Geographical and Ethical Borders

To Change the World: Filmmaking as a Tool for Social Change
The use of documentary and dramatic films in movements for social change – both evolutionary and revolutionary – employing case studies/examples from Canada, Europe, and Latin America.



Raymont is the recipient of 35 international awards including the Canadian Genie, 4 Gemini Awards, several Gold and Silver Hugos, The Sesterce d'Argent and other international honours. His documentary feature, Shake Hands with the Devil: The Journey of Roméo Dallaire was honoured with the 2005 Audience Award for World Cinema Documentaries at Sundance Film Festival and the 2007 Emmy Award for Best Documentary.
  • Our entire School viewed his documentary film "Shake Hands with the Devil" and there was much anticipation for his lecture and question period later that same evening. He did not disappoint. Our faculty and students were riveted to his "story". Peter captured the attention of a diverse audience immediately; he riveted them to their seats; and then opened their hearts and minds to both the tragedy in Rwanda and the intense internal turmoil, and greatness, of Romeo Dallaire. ...Peter is a fascinating man with a powerful story to tell. He changed the mood, tone and level of activism in our School community. One of my colleagues said that in the last twenty years, he was the most effective and powerful speaker we have had at TCS."

    - Headmaster, Trinity College School
  • “What a delight your visit was! Throughout the day, students and colleagues that attended your talk and film have been stopping to tell me how much they enjoyed both events and how much they learned.”

    - University of Indiana - Fort Wayne
  • “Mr. Raymont did a wonderful job. ...The people who attended the lecture did enjoy it and many questions were asked to Mr. Raymont during his lecture which made us feel like the audience was intrigued and interested.”

    - University of Georgia

Summary Profile

Peter Raymont has travelled the world for more than 30 years on a mission to expose injustice and incite change. As a documentary filmmaker, he has followed such humanitarian leaders as retired LGen Roméo Dallaire, and has revealed the hidden truths in politics plus social and environmental disasters. The process of making a documentary is an arduous one, but Raymont’s efforts result in some of the most in-depth and thorough examinations of the important people and stories of our time.

With such films as Shake Hands With the Devil: The Journey of Roméo Dallaire, Exile: The Ariel Dorfman story, Bhopal: The Search for Justice and Triage: The Dilemma of Dr. James Orbinski to his credit, Raymont has had a significant impact on shaping attitudes about personal and collective responsibility and in bringing to light the important stories the world needs to hear. Shake Hands with the Devil: The Journey of Roméo Dallaire won him an Emmy Award for Best Documentary in 2007. Raymont’s latest film Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould earned him a prestigious Gemini Award for Best Biography Documentary Program in 2010.

Raymont has investigated the fallout from the 1984 Bhopal disaster, the effects of the Sandinista/Contra wars of the 1980s, the impact of 9/11 on Canadian Immigration officers, and much more. As films, the stories are compelling and, in person, Raymont’s first-hand account is even more fascinating. When appropriate, Raymont shares some incredible moments captured on film to illustrate his points and engage the audience. He is passionate about influencing opinion and public policy through his films and his presentations, and is careful in considering the needs and expectations of each audience.

Raymont is an Executive Producer on The Border, a CBC-TV drama series. The edgy show, which recently won a Gemini Award, features a fictional Canadian immigration and customs agency that deals with trans-border issues. Using his experience with The Border, Raymont can speak about international relations in the scope of awakening audiences to other cultures and ways of life.

Peter Raymont believes that film is a tool for social change and a way to break down perceptions. He is an advocate for creativity in education, challenging others to create change, and global consciousness. He inspires and motivates individuals to make a contribution, to find their own path and to stand up for what they believe in. Audiences will leave inspired and armed with the tools to act on their revived convictions and interests.