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Lt. Gen Romeo Dallaire (Ret)

International Champion of Human Rights, Award-Winning Author, Leader

Lt. Gen Roméo Dallaire’s rescue of thousands in the Rwandan genocide as commander of a UN peacekeeping force and heartfelt message of humanity has made him one of the most sought-after speakers in the business and the star of books and films.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Dallaire’s Story of Courage and Conviction
By standing up for the rights of those he was working with, and trying to protect, Dallaire is considered a hero by the international community at large.  He has faced battle and peacekeeping, and returned home to boldly share his story, inspiring others to be vocal about what they believe in.

The New Leadership – A Humanistic Approach
Competitive edge and personal fulfillment will be yours if you put your team members and your fellow man – their skills, their continuous development and their quality of life – at the forefront.

International Conflict Resolution in this New Era
Dallaire challenges us: “Can we prevent conflict, or are we in a state where we’re always reacting to the initiatives of the belligerents? Are we always going to be crisis managers?

Peace operations have become one of the most important tools the international community has to achieve conflict resolution. Rather than discard peacekeeping altogether because of its checkered history, we need to learn from its failures as well as its successes. We have more resources, and stronger mandates. Information should come from both human sources and from modern intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) technology to save lives and alleviate human suffering.


CUSA Human Security Award
Grand Officer of the National Order of Quebec
Governor General's Literary Award for Non-Fiction
Officer in the Order of Canada
Aegis Trust Award
Officer of the Legion of Merit

  • Through all your trials and sorrows, you have come to exemplify the greatest ideals to which we can aspire. You move us to come together and express our common humanity...you have made us all more human, more feeling, more emotionally attached to people and situations half a world away. We know one thing - you will not quit - and this in itself is a reason for all of us to remain hopeful, to keep looking for reasons for optimism.

    - Former Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson
  • Romeo Dallaire was the most moving, real and compelling speaker we've hosted in over 20 years of Ramsay Luncheons. I would highly recommend him to any audience because he speaks with such passion and conviction to everyone.

    - Ramsay Luncheon Group
  • Vastly comprehensive, weaving together many different complex ideas in a way that was fully accessible. While highly analytical, the entire speech was infused with a passion for the particulars of his subject matter and for making the world a more decent place. And, I believe that General Dallaire is one of the kindest people I have ever encountered. What a humanist!

    - Michigan State University

Summary Profile

Are all humans human…or are some more human than others? Now is the time to take up the cause of the advancement of human rights for all and the moment is yours to grasp.”

The Hon. Lt. Gen. Roméo Dallaire (Ret) is a true hero and an outspoken leader for the 21st century.

A decorated Lieutenant General, Dallaire served 35 years with the Canadian Armed Forces. His best-selling book, Shake Hands With the Devil, is a stirring account of his experience as the Force Commander of the United Nations Assistance Mission to Rwanda, which exposes the failures of the international community to stop the worst genocide in the 20th century. The book was released as a full-length feature film Shake Hands With the Devil – The Journey of Roméo Dallaire and won an Emmy Award for Best Documentary.

In 2013, Dallaire’s second film is released: Fight Like Soldiers, Die Like Children, based on his book of the same name, which follows him as he returns to Africa with a different mission: to end the use of child soldiers. Dallaire states: “The ultimate focus of the rest of my life is to eradicate the use of child soldiers and to eliminate even the thought of the use of children as instruments of war.”

Dallaire’s story shares the most extreme results of being given responsibility without authority. He was limited by immovable parameters, overseen by an organization that didn’t fully support the mission, and put into situations that forced him to question ethics every step of the way.

Dallaire’s presentations discuss leadership and conflict resolution, illustrated with stories of his own experiences. He inspires listeners to address the ethical and moral issues in conflicts and insists that governments put humanity above political and economic interests.

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