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Dr. Barbara Moses

Career Management Consultant

Fast Company Magazine calls her a “career guru.” Dr. Barbara Moses, a North American leader in career self-management, is the best-selling author of The Good News About Careers: How You’ll Be Working in the Next Decade and Career Intelligence.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Applying Career Intelligence in a Tough Work World
Dr. Barbara Moses shares her latest insights into the new work landscape and implications for individual effectiveness. She reveals the most important work trends, how our motivational type will affect best career choices and the new principles and rules for career success. Why? Expressing our authentic self in work is the most important imperative for all of us.

Career Intelligence for Yourself and Others
Dr. Barbara Moses looks at the most important trends that will shape individuals’ and organizations’ futures. She will help in identifying your motivational preferences by looking at eight motivational types and implications for roles and rewards.

How to Attract, Retain & Manage the New Worker
Geared towards executives, managers, human resource professionals, Dr. Moses looks at the key work trends that impact the lives and employability of today’s worker. How to shape strategies for attracting, rewarding and retaining based on motivation typology. She will help you move towards the creation of a life-friendly organization

Career & Life Intelligence for Women
This presentation is geared towards women at all levels who are grappling with such common issues as how to express their authentic self in your work. How do they manage their career and life with grace? Dr. Moses will look at the need to overcome barriers and help women find, create or design the right career path.

  • Content was superb as usual, and your style of delivery refreshingly frank yet upbeat . . . People commented that you 'tell it like it is' and provide valuable and practical advice on how anyone can be a winner in this new economy . . . you left our audience with a real feeling of hope about the future of work and careers.

    - Conference Board of Canada
  • I would like to personally thank you for your dynamic presentation... your participation made a significant impact on the professional knowledge of the counsellors in the audience. Your energy and your personal examples made it a privilege to listen to you.

    - Youth Employment Services, Montreal
  • Your presentation was cited over and over again as the single most powerful personal message in this year's event. Your views of the changes in the marketplace and the implications for all of us served to both focus energy and inspire confidence - key ingredients for both an empowered workforce and self sufficient, happy individuals

    - Vice President HR at Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario

Summary Profile

Work-life expert Dr. Barbara Moses is a well-known organizational career-management consultant, best-selling author, and sought-after international keynote speaker and media commentator who has captivated audiences around the world.

She is widely recognized as Canada’s pre-eminent spotter and tracker of the trends that shape today’s working world. From the priorities placed on work/life balance to the urgency of taking charge of your own career, she has astutely predicted many major themes that have come to dominate the workplace.

Barbara is the author of four internationally best-selling books, including What Next? Find the Work That’s Right for You, and Dish: Midlife Women Tell the Truth About Work, Relationships and the Rest of Life, and has been a popular columnist for the Globe and Mail. Among her many accolades, she was hailed as a “career guru” by Fast Company magazine, has been labelled a “thought leader,” and was recently chosen by More magazine as one of the top 40 women over 40.   She has appeared frequently on network radio and TV shows such as Canada AMThe Today ShowCBC, and Good Morning America

Dr. Moses is also the author of the acclaimed Career Planning Workbook and Manager’s Career Coaching Guide. Her Career Planning Workbook is a “corporate bestseller”, completed by over a million people in more than 2000 organizations worldwide. It has been described as “like having a career coach in your pocket.”

A sought-after presenter and keynote speaker for senior business and professional audiences, Dr. Moses is consistently praised for her practical insights into new work and personal realities, her stimulating and compelling delivery, and her tell-it-like-it-is style. Moses’ insightful and informative presentations outline the extraordinary changes that have occurred in the workplace, and discuss the impact of these changes on how executives and employees are feeling about themselves, their workplace and their future.

Dr. Moses’ innovative approach to career self-management has been reported on extensively across North America. She has been quoted and profiled in major North American publications including Fast Company magazine, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Parenting, and the Report on Business. Dr. Moses is also a regular columnist for The Globe and Mail on career issues.

She is president of BBM Human Resource Consultants Inc., offering her unique approach combining psychological insights with practical strategies for career management through speeches, workshops, presentations and tools to more than 2,000 organizations worldwide. She is the designer of the acclaimed Career Advisor, an online career-planning tool used by major organizations to counsel more than a million people worldwide; it has been likened to “having a personal coach on your computer.”

Barbara holds degrees in psychology from McGill University, The London School of Economics and the University of Toronto. She has a particular interest in issues related to women, demographics and the psychological motivations that drive people in their work and personal lives.  A frequent keynote speaker, she is praised for her provocative insights, compelling delivery and “tell it like it is” style.