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Dianne Buckner

Host of the hit business reality TV show, 'Dragons' Den'

Articulate, straightforward and funny, Dianne Buckner is best-known to Canadians as the host of CBC Television’s hit reality program “Dragons’ Den” where eager entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a group of self-made Canadian millionaire investors.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Seven Powerful Trends: How They’re Affecting Business
In this fascinating keynote presentation, Dianne uses video excerpts from Dragons’ Den, and draws on her extensive experience in covering business for CBC News, to show how companies are exploiting trends to gain new revenue.  She also uses examples of those who are rising to the challenge of adapting to new ways of doing business, to avoid being left by the way-side.

Dianne’s Top Ten Business Tips
From finance, to human resource issues; from marketing to common mistakes, Dianne takes the audience through a wide range of challenges, pointing out what factors make the biggest impact on success

Business and the Media: A User’s Guide
With humour and insight, Dianne shares the view from inside the media.  Business people will learn how story meetings work, strategies for pitching a story, how to choose an angle, and the various priorities of different types of media

The Art of the Pitch
In this entertaining presentation Dianne shares what she’s observed about those who are successful, and those who aren’t.  Featuring video excerpts from her television programs, participants will come away with new skills for getting their way – at work and at home

  • Dianne was an absolute delight to work with prior to the event, during, and even after the evening's formal agenda was complete. She was keen to understand our group's mandate and modified her remarks to make them as relevant to our crowd of 400 as possible. Dianne was supremely confident onstage, made several on-the-fly adjustments to her comments based on speaker content and drew things to a close right on cue. Dianne is an excellent speaker whom I would recommend without hesitation.

    - Co-Founder and CEO, RealityClick.com
  • We received excellent feedback from the attendees. I asked one of our leaders what his reaction was and he summed it up with a succinct "Fabulous!". … your keynote on "The Art of the Pitch" was spot on. We're really excited about the progress we are making in growing our business.

    - Grant Thornton LLP
  • Dianne was very well received. We have some great feedback on how relevant she was. She has a lot of presence!

    - Siemens
  • Dianne was great! Her keynote address was fantastic. We received lots of feedback from people that attended and were thoroughly impressed with the event. Dianne is a wonderful down to earth lady who has class and charisma!

    - General Manager Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce

Summary Profile

Dianne Buckner is best known to Canadians as the host of Dragons’ Den, CBC’s hit reality show, where hungry entrepreneurs pitch for an investment from a panel of Canadian self-made multi-millionaires.

Others may remember her from the ten years she spent hosting Venture, the popular CBC television program that chronicled the adventures of entrepreneurs.

During her 20 years as a business journalist, Dianne has been a host, a reporter, an anchor, a writer, an executive producer, AND a creator of shows, working at both CBC and CTV. She’s travelled to Japan, the Netherlands, Australia, Iceland and the US, as well as from coast to coast in Canada, covering stories that matter to Canadians.

Dianne was part of the start-up team for Dragons’ Den in 2006, participating in the search for Dragons as well as the auditioning of entrepreneurs willing to pitch.

When she’s not on the Den, Dianne is a correspondent for CBC News, where she covers big stories in the business world. You can sometimes hear her anchoring The World At Six on CBC Radio, or seeing her filling in as host on The Exchange with Amanda Lang.

She has a degree in Journalism from Ryerson, and lives in Toronto with her husband and two children.