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Darrell Bricker

CEO for Ipsos, Global Public Affairs

Leading pollster with Ipsos Global, Darrell Bricker has his pulse on public opinion, anticipating how it will affect the future of consumers and business organizations. He does solo presentations on trends and also teams up with pollster John Wright.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The Big Shift:  The Battle between Old Canada and New Canada
Canada, once one of the world’s most consensual countries, is polarizing; with the west versus the east, suburban versus urban, immigrants versus old school, coffee drinkers versus consumers of energy drinks. The winners—in politics, in business, in life—will figure out where the people are and go there too.

What Canadians Think: About Practically Everything
Learn why Canadians think the way they do about things, and how these facts apply to you. What should your organization be thinking about?

Canada 150

The Canada of Today. The Canada of Tomorrow.
Most Canadians think they know their country. They don’t. We have gone through such profound changes over the last 150 years that we barely recognize ourselves. In his presentation Darrell introduces audiences to the new Canada. Using the latest demographic and public opinion information, he tells a fascinating, fact-based story about the Canada of today, but also about the Canada of tomorrow. If you want to truly understand Canadians you need to hear the insights offered by Darrell in this fun, fascinating presentation customized for your group.

Darrell is available to deliver the following presentations individually or as a duo alongside fellow pollster John Wright:

“In Conversation” Presentation:
Canada’s Top Two Pollsters.
Together for more than 20 Years.
Trend Diggers.
Unplugged for an hour.
With you.

John Wright and Darrell Bricker talk about everything that’s going on in Canada and beyond. Audiences have loved it and you will too!

  • Darrell hit the mark with our doctors. Given the size of the group and the informality of his address to the group, the session was interactive and informative – exactly what I was looking for. The Q&A could have gone on for the better part of the afternoon. Darrell is a very interesting individual and engaged the group in evolved thinking about our business…

    - Allergan
  • I liked his calm, professional presentation style - his low key sense of humour and clear command of the subject matter.

    - Human Resource Development Canada
  • Thank you for your informative and thought provoking presentation on Managing Public Affairs. Upon review of our conference evaluations forms, your presentation came out as being a very popular one!

    - Cdn Manufacturers of Chemical Specialties Assn
  • Darrell Bricker was an excellent speaker - very accommodating and easy to work with; our producers really appreciated what he had to say and enjoyed his presentation.

    - Dairy Farmers of Ontario
  • The event went really well. I’ve had one person say it was the best he’s been to that we’ve put on. Darrell was great, I got a lot of positive comments last night.

    - Innovators Alliance
  • We often find that pollsters put our delegates to sleep, but Bricker was just the opposite. He is engaging & relaxed. He isn’t the usual number cruncher. His presentation really changed some preconceived notions that our delegates had – which is exactly what we wanted

    - CropLife Canada

Summary Profile

“I’m passionate about using numbers to tell stories.In Alberta, the dirty underwear is piling up. More Quebeckers sleep naked than anywhere else in the country. On the Prairies, you’re more likely to get dumped in a bar.”

Darrell Bricker

He’s a witty and wise pollster, and seer of things to come.

Dr. Darrell Bricker is the world-travelling CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs, a division of the world’s second largest market research firm with offices in 25 countries. He is a frequent guest as a media commentator on political, social and business issues. On the speaking circuit, he’s popular at industry, government and academic conferences.

Based in Toronto, Dr. Bricker is also an acclaimed researcher, having being director of public opinion research in the Office of Canada’s Prime Minister. Dr. Bricker holds a Ph.D. in political science and a B.A. and an M.A. from Canadian universities.

He engages in dual presentations with fellow pollster John Wright, primarily on “What Canadians Think.”  In those talks, Darrell opines about Canada’s place in the world while John focuses more on trends in Canada.

Dr. Bricker is an active member of the American Association of Public Opinion research, ESOMAR, and Canada’s MRIA.

He is a prolific author of best-selling books, including Canuckology, with John Wright, and most recently, The Big Shift: The Seismic Change in Canadian Politics, Business and Culture and What It Means For Our Future, co-authored by John Ibbitson, in which they argue that Canada is becoming polarized with East vs. West, Suburban vs. Urban, Immigrants vs. Old School, and more.

A fervent supporter of Canada’s military, Dr. Bricker serves, by ministerial appointment, as the honorary colonel of the historic Queen’s York Rangers.

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