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Chris Bart

Vision and Mission

Bart is recognized for his work in business studies around corporate governance, leadership and vision and mission statements. He has developed and trademarked proven tools to help your organization assess its success in these areas and find ways to drive performance from the inside out.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Achieving Excellence in Customer Service Through Leadership & Mission
The purpose of this presentation, therefore, is to introduce and remind both senior managers and employees of the kinds of leadership behaviors that they must perform (and the tools that they can deploy) to achieve extraordinary levels of service excellence – service that will truly delight their customers – as well as each other.

Sex, Lies and Mission Statements
Bart reveal some of the intriguing results which have emerged from my 10 years of research on mission statements.

  • "Enthusiastic, passionate, get to the real heart of the matter. Thoroughly enjoyed it." - CHRP Participant

Summary Profile

As the leading expert on helping organizations develop mission and vision statements, Dr. Christopher K. Bart has the experience and capabilities to help you create “winning” mission statements, and show you how to successfully introduce them to your organization.

The only person to conduct industry-specific studies, Dr. Bart has successfully established a tangible link between mission statements and organizational performance. Along the way, he developed the largest mission and vision database in the world, and became the single most published author on the topic.

Dr. Bart’s work with companies and organizations to create and implement a winning mission statement has resulted in positive results for numerous, satisfied, blue chip clients.

Dr. Bart is currently a Professor of Business Administration at the Michael G. Degroote School of Business, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. In 1993, he helped found the Management of Innovation & New Technology Research Center at McMaster University and was named its first Director. In 1994, he created the Innovation Management Network, a world wide association of academics and practitioners who communicate and collaborate on matters of innovation and new technology management through the internet.

Dr. Bart has been named “Outstanding Undergraduate Business Professor” in 1982, 1987 and 1996. In 1984, 1989 and 1991 he was “MBA Professor of the Year”. In 1995, he won the University’s highest teaching award: The President’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Over the years, Dr. Bart has been invited to lecture at numerous prestigious institutions throughout the world, including: The University of Cape Town (S. A.), Cranfield Institute of Technology (U.K.) Monash University (Austrailia), The Czech Management Center, and Fudan University (China). He is a Chartered Accountant and a past Director of the Planning Executives Institute. He has then been an active Director on a number of company boards.