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Bruno LoGreco

Author, Master Life Coach and TV Personality

Bruno LoGreco is an acclaimed Master Life Coach, Reality TV Show Host, and Author of “Stop Sabotaging your Life: 3 Steps To Your Full Potential

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Embrace Your Potential… with CONFIDENCE
Bruno looks at how to avoid the 3 massive mistakes professional women face that sabotage their happiness success and fulfillment. He shows you how to stop others from robbing you of your self-worth, you to accept yourself desipite your weaknesses, and much more

What’s Stopping You? Three Steps to Your Full Potential – The Tri- Commitment Program
Do you find yourself wondering if there’s more to life? Is there something you’ve always wanted to be or do but haven’t seriously tried because you’ve been too afraid you might fail? The Tri-Commitment system is a three-part program that gives you the tools to recognize and tear apart the negative and limiting beliefs that hold you back while boosting your confidence and self-esteem and helping you to set realistic, achievable goals and milestones on your journey toward a more fulfilling, rewarding life.

How To Truly Master Your Domain
The secret is self-awareness: the conscious knowledge of your character, motives, thoughts and behaviours. Once you achieve genuine self-awareness, the rewards of personal development are within your grasp. Many of us don’t even realize the serious blockages we need to overcome. But if you’ve ever felt like you need to have more confidence in your decision-making – in the workplace and in life, challenge yourself to reach new heights, command attention when speaking to groups large or small and overcome self doubt and take back control, this program is for you. After you master your domain you will become a leader – a person everyone looks up to.

Mind – Body – Soul
This engaging presentation reveals the connection between mind-body-soul as well as practical methods to maximize the positive influence of attitude and behaviour on overall wellbeing. Throughout the presentation methods of mindfulness, positive thinking, confidence, intellectual stimulation, and personal growth will be illustrated by story telling.

  • Bruno truly inspired these women going though the divorce process! He showed us how to "get out of the passenger's and into the driver's seat". The participants learned new tools and felt a new sense of control and empowerment over their current situation. The message was very clear: You can create a new life after divorce that is even better than the one you had before! Thank you Bruno, for all that you do to help make people's lives more valuable!

    - women4women
  • Bruno is simply fantastic! Without him I could have spent a life time being held back by the self-doubt and other restrictions I'd placed on myself out of fear.Bruno helped me see past those concepts and it all just fell into place from there. His sincerity, patience and compassion shine through along with his professionalism.

    - Simo A.
  • As a coach and person, Bruno is one of the most genuine, authentic, and generous people you could ever want to know. In my career as a counsellor and coach I have met many talented and gifted professionals - and I can say with great confidence that Bruno is someone who stands out amongst them all.

    - Angela Croft

Summary Profile

Bruno has been providing enlightening ideas since 2000 when he first began to apply his natural gifts for motivation and mentoring to help others reach their full potential. His education and knowledge he has fostered from his own personal quest for balance and organized living, combined with his unique talent for connecting with people, has helped him develop a powerful methodology that has proved so successful that in 2006 he was able to walk away from a flourishing career with a Fortune 500 company to focus on life coaching on a full time basis.

Through one-on-one coaching, mentoring, workshops, and seminars, LoGreco’s friendly but direct approach allows him to make genuine connections with people and guide them on decluttering mental and physical space. He helps individuals from all walks of life find the strength they need to take an honest look inside themselves and empowers them to make the sometimes difficult choices required to change their lives and homes for the better.

LoGreco has reached a national audience through his appearances on TV shows Style by Jury and Save Us from Our House as well as a national spokesperson for Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers.LoGeco’s relaxed yet animated style entertains, instructs, and guides his audience through the steps they need to take to become organized and committed.

As the author of Stop Sabotaging Your Life, 3 Steps To Your Full Potential, and Polishing the Diamond Within, and through his use of blogs and social networking communities such as Facebook and Twitter, LoGreco has mastered the traditional and social media outlets to bring his positive and thought provoking messages to the global community. A true renaissance man, Bruno LoGreco continues to motivate, inspire, and empower others to live to their full potential.