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Bruce Croxon

Entrepreneur, Co-Host of 'The Disruptors' & Former CBC Dragon

Croxon was one of the most popular judges on CBC’s hit show Dragons’ Den and is the entrepreneurial co-founder of the revolutionary online dating website Lavalife.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The Formula for Innovative Success
Innovation and risk-taking go hand in hand. In order for an entrepreneur and organization to continuously innovate and succeed, they must be willing to take calculated risks, make mistakes and most importantly learn from them. Bruce will reveal his entrepreneurial journey and lessons learned in building the Lavalife organization into a 100 million dollar company. Providing informed insights on what it takes to achieve success in today’s ever fast paced and demanding entrepreneurial environment.

Values & Vision: At the heart of an organization
With a strong vision and a belief in the power of partnerships, Bruce Croxon helped Lavalife grow to 600 employees, achieve almost  $100 million in revenue, and to ultimately sell the business for over $170 million. Under his direction as Partner and CEO, this early tech start-up became the marquee brand in online dating with over two million users (and countless successful marriages!). He shares with audiences the importance of having a company vision, defining core values, believing in organizational development, and other lessons learned throughout his successful career.

Got Passion?!  The life of an entrepreneur:  only the passionate need apply
To be a successful entrepreneur takes more than a great idea and a desire to build a great company. To be truly successful, you need passion. Bold all-consuming passion. Bruce Croxon shares how passion can tip the scales of success and addresses the challenges of balancing 24/7 business passion with your life’s commitments and desires.

Building a Brand: Bruce Croxon’s Lavalife revolutionized how people connect
Croxon and his partners at Lavalife tackled the socially stigmatized world of personals to become a category leader and one of Canada’s great success stories. How do you market your business when your happy customers are too shy to admit they use your service?  You change perceptions.  You change stigma into a great story. Lavalife made it desirable to connect online.  Today, if you’re single and aren’t looking online, you’re missing out. That mindset is now incorporated into the undeniable social media lifestyle of our culture. Croxon shows organizations the importance of redefining a brand through marketing. That no matter what the challenges are, businesses can reinvent themselves and thrive.

Tales from the Den
What’s it like to be the newest dragon on the hottest business show in television?  How do you make your personality shine among 3 other strong personalities?  What lessons can entrepreneurs take from Croxon’s knowledge of the dealings on camera and behind the scenes?

  • Bruce was by far the best speaker FEI has invited and dinner was incredible. You have really set the bar for the remainder of the year! The speaker obviously enjoys speaking and does so frequently as he could present with no notes or power point. He's also very passionate and therefore entertaining. It would be great if all of our speakers were like this. It's a breath of fresh air for corporate financial execs to hear from a successful entrepreneur and, that too, a TV star.

    - Attendee, Financial Executives International

Summary Profile

“I have an incredible pride that companies can be built from nothing. . .I’m putting a lot of energy back into supporting young technology digital companies because we have an incredible level of talent here.” Bruce Croxon

Bruce Croxon found you a partner. Now he’ll start up your business, or give you the needed advice to do it.

Long before social networking became an underpinning of society, Croxon was making his mark as a digital pioneer. Some of the couples he introduced on the Internet have been together 25 years! Way back in 1987, he co-founded the dating website Lavalife and revolutionized how people connected.

Under his direction, he grew this early tech start-up from four to 600 employees into the marquee brand of online dating with over two million users, countless successful marriages and nearly $100 million in revenue. He led the sale of the company for $180 million.

Since then, Bruce has been successful as an investor and advisor in early-stage companies of technology and hospital sectors. He looks for people like himself — dreamers who show a fighting spirit.

Bruce joined Dragon’s Den in 2011, adding a broad range of businesses and products to his portfolio that tap into his passion for digital media, health and marketing.

One of Croxon’s projects is Round13, a “fighting” company, named for the 1975 boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, dedicated to incubating and investing digital start-ups.

As well, he owns Vida, a chain of reputable holistic spas on the west coast of Canada. He is also a supporter of several not-for-profit organizations including Anaphylaxis Canada.

Bruce lives in Toronto, where he is a committed environmentalist on the board of the Trans Canada Trail.